Exciting Activities to Keep in Mind during Covid-19 Pandemic

Written by George Manzella

It has been more than one month since Governor Murphy ordered most of the state shut down, including all New Jersey schools. And, schools will remain shuttered until at least, May 15th when he and the NJDOE make their final decision on the fate of the 2019-2020 school year. So, if your kids haven’t gone stir crazy yet, buckle up, because it may be a bumpy ride ahead.

Or, maybe not. Below is a list of some exciting activities that are sure to keep your children active and busy for a smooth transition into summer vacation. 

The easiest way to keep today’s kids occupied is by giving them an electronic device, like a tablet, iPod or smartphone. This is usually not a parent’s preferred method of entertainment, but for kids, it’s just as good, if not better, than taking them to an amusement park. So, what can they do on those gadgets besides making Tik Tok videos?

1. Stay in contact with friends and grandparents with video chat apps like Facetime, Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet. This is a great way for kids to see their friends and relatives during a time when we are apart from those we care about. Why not use technology to bring us together during a time when “social distancing” is the new buzz word. 


2. There are also many virtual tours and live stream cams set up at zoos, national parks, theme parks, and museums. These are all very exciting to view and easily accessible. Here is a list of a few that I have checked out.

3. Here are a couple of fun websites to check out as well:

Don’t want kids on their electronic devices all day? Want them more engaged around the home or with family? We have you covered.

    1. Arts and crafts always seem to do the trick. Give my daughter a bucket of sidewalk chalk and I won’t hear from her for hours. Below is a picture of her most recent work. 

      2. Stay active – go for a walk, bike ride, or do what my daughters and I love to do – comb the neighborhood to collect fallen tree branches to burn in our fire pit.

        3. Help cook and other household chores – My kids love to help my wife and I cook. We let them mix ingredients, place items in bowls, make homemade pizza, choose vegetables for salads and other safe ways to help prepare meals.

          4. My youngest daughter (9) loves to wash my car, so guess what she does on warm days?

          5. Read a good interactive book with your children. We are loving our colored copy of A Sparrow's Tale.  My children love to read this book because there is a lesson in each chapter that relates back to core values and morals.  Shop A Sparrow's Tale book here.



            These are a few things that I have done with my children in the past month and they haven’t whined about being bored too much. 

            I have also found it very helpful to stick to a routine by having a consistent bedtime, wake-time and meal time…and always school work before leisure time!

            Written by George Manzella

            George Manzella is a teacher and long time friend of Mr. Joe's, who will be featured on our blog once a month.


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