The Story

A Sparrow’s Tale is a delightful journey full of fun, laughter, and music. Our story follows Petronia Tone, a young sparrow who loves to daydream and is learning to appreciate herself and the world around her. She enjoys singing, playing the recorder, and hanging out with her best friends, Sunny and Boomer.

Petronia is a sparrow, but deep inside she wants to be an eagle. She believes that being an eagle will make her a better singer and more liked by her teachers and peers. This is a struggle for her, but throughout her journey she discovers that with her own talents, and with the help of her family and friends, she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

On this journey, you’ll sing, dance, and interact with our colorful cast of characters. Whether it’s Ms. Angela’s magical storytelling, zany Uncle Miles’ unorthodox twitch dancing, or Grandma Sonata’s important life lessons. The antagonists of the story, Lars, Bellzie, Hashtag, and Knocker will put many obstacles in Petronia’s way, but they will be no match for Petronia and her fellow students at the Learning Tree Academy.

Utilizing music and heartfelt storytelling, A Sparrow’s Tale will ignite the inner music that lives within each and every one of us. Join Petronia on her adventures as she learns about having fun, sharing, making music, and believing in yourself.