12 Exciting Ideas on How to Spend Your Spring Break

It's almost that time of the year where you’re about to have a break from the craziness of packing lunches, checking homework, and getting your kids to school (on time). It’s about to be SPRING BREAK for every school aged child in America, which can be exciting and nerve wracking at the time. Let’s face it, children get wrestles in the house. Of course, spending any amount of time with your children, or hey even if you’re the babysitter, is a blessing. We are here to help give you some creative ideas and some are even free, so deep a take breath and start planning your week of spring break with the kids!

  1. Do an at home baking lesson with your children.
  2. Go to the park and pack a picnic, kids find sitting on a towel on the grass so much more fun than at your kitchen table.
  3. Go bowling!
  4. Do an arts & crafts project. Pro Tip: Make a pinecone bird feeder using peanut butter and birdseed, then hang it outside a window where you’ll get to see the birds enjoy the treat each day.
  5. Have family game day and break out all the board games.
  6. Feeling charitable? Pro Tip: Draw some pictures with your kids and bring them to the local nursing home for the residents, they love it!
  7. Get your children into music, they can start with a recorder and reviewing musical notes.
  8. Visit a museum, see a play, or see a movie!
  9. Have an indoor scavenger hunt inside your house or backyard. Pro Tip: give your children a letter of the alphabet to find items that start with that letter or for younger kids use a color of an item to find.
  10. Go to an Indoor trampoline park!
  11. Be a tourist in your own town, most people never explore the town that they reside in so take this chance to visit a local monument and explain its history.
  12. Spend the day at your local library and read with your children. Pro Tip: They usually have small events going on for all age groups. Reading is so important especially for our youth!

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